Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid
Kinnisvara Sellid

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Real Estate Agency & Contractors

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Real estate is one of life’s biggest investments and the most important decision in a person’s conscious life, and that’s why you should always consult with specialists in this field. The idea of ​​Kinnisvara Sellid is to bring a new approach to the market in the form of a brokerage service. We use our 15 years of construction and development experience in both the Estonian and Finnish markets. We guide you to make the best decision regarding buying or selling!

Kinnisvara Sellid believes that good cooperation, determination, ambition, and extensive experience lead to successful transactions.

Through experience and determination, we achieve victorious sales results.

Our services

When conducting transactions, in addition to knowing the real estate market, you must also have knowledge of construction and be able to answer the technical questions of customers.

  • Real estate sale and/or rent
  • Construction
  • Development
  • Investments
  • Consultations
  • Evaluation

Why us?

20+ years of experience

During our long-term operations, we have seen both economic ups and downs, and it is precisely because of this that we are able to objectively assess the situation on the market and offer our customers the best solution.


Our team is ambitious and determined, when new challenges arrive, we take off like a rocket. We have a goal in mind, no obstacle stops us and together with our clients, we reach winning deals.


Kinnisvara Sellid is headed by two charismatic brothers who, with a 10-year age difference, complement each other’s knowledge and skills. The company’s goal is to create successful cooperation between its team and customers.