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Productora GA RD SRL
Productora GA RD SRL
Productora GA RD SRL
Productora GA RD SRL
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Grupo GARD (Productora GA RD SRL)

Business Consulting with Limitless Potential

From resource planning and financial management to strategic planning and technical implementation, our experts offer the best advice.

GA RD, a Dominican Republic company, with experience in the development of environmental management, especially in recycling programs, has been contributing to the implementation of technically and financially viable models.

GA RD has specific experience in waste treatment, forming a strategic alliance with a management company, foreign manufacturers, and investors, who have implemented solid waste-transforming plants, as well as other technologies in electric power generation across the globe, following clean and sustainable environmental policies.

OUR GOALS We aim to establish ourselves as the best energy consulting firm on the planet.

A company dedicated to investments in general, since 2015, with an endorsement of experience in its different divisions in solid waste management, (everything that has to do with renewable energy); and in the export and import of related materials. We have trained suitable personnel to strengthen and minimize the costs of our satisfied customers.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to become a valued partner for our clients and to make a significant contribution to the preservation of a sustainable environment and a cleaner future through the use of cutting-edge technologies leveraging our extensive experience and our global network.

OUR VISION For the next five years, to be a leading company in solid waste management, and recycling in general, in this way, contribute to promoting a culture of valuing the environment.

Our Services:

  • MARKET RESEARCH Within our consulting services, our firm includes extensive market research to be able to address all of our client’s requirements prior to implementation.
  • DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT We focus on designing and implementing technology for renewable energy plants, photovoltaic, wind, and waste-to-energy.
  • RESOURCES PLANNING Our firm offers high-performance financing management for large-scale products through our Chinese partners.
  • OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT With over 15 years of financial and technical implementation expertise, our company offers operational support to our clients.
  • TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING We offer high-quality consulting services for the energy sector, encompassing all avenues to design, plan and edify our client’s needs.
  • EXIT PLANNING Through our financing consultation services, we adhere to smart and flexible financing options for investors in the energy industry.


  • WATER Advanced Water Treatment
  • WASTE Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • WIND Wind Energy Solutions
  • SOLAR Next-gen Photovoltaic Panels